My prefix  Bombadillas i get in 1990 when I live in Sweden.Whith me on the move from Norway I had cocker spaniels,2 black male and one partycolor bitch and the poodle miniature.He was only the mascot.

My first am.cocker with name Arillo:He was good so puppy,with results BIS puppy in the cocker club and then when he grow up he get some c.k.Thats it`s.

Panderosas Space Cruiser was two year when he moves to me.His shows results was good.He been NUCH Panderosas Space Cruiser.He get many fine results on shows in Norway.B.I.S on the cocker club.

Checkmates Shady Lady:She had c.c on show in Norway.She gone very young of acute septic in her heartmuscle.She had no puppies.

I get some new bitch.A partycolor with name Checkmates Rambling Rose:After Frandees Trademark and Checkmates Keep Dancing.Rambling Rose had 2x c.c and BOS on shows in Norway.In 1992 she get puppies with Disodils Iso Grifo and is tribe bitch for the partycolor.In this puppy born I keep  two puppies.1x male and 1x female,and 1xNUCH Bombadillas Atlas Fighter.The bitch line I have got all the time on the partycolor dogs.

The black dogs,started with a bitch from Bobby-Linas kennel with name:Bobby-Linas Attractive woman:After SUCH Maggidosans Dennis Delightful and Panderosas Marylyn Monroe.Bonnie was her called name was black/tan and she was NUCH.She get puppies with INT.NORDUCH.Panderosas Onasiss in 1993.I keep 1.male and 1.female and both get the CH.title.NORDUCH.Bombadillas Cobra Jet and SUCH NUCH Bombadillas Comment Ca-Va.

To day I have only cocker at home.Both partycolor.The breeding of this dogs has been on ice now for many years,because of school and many other things.I have been on shows sometimes.

Dachshound L.N

Came into my live in 2006 so one coincidence.I was on visit on kennel Vesterhaug,she had puppies.I was confess with the breeder since a time a go.And in this litter was there males.So with much talking and talking that been a male from kennel Vesterhaug.I learn a lot of breed.I was on show,and bloodtracking with good help from the breeder and thanks wery much.The dog is now SEU(V)CH SE(V)CH Vesterhaugs Adrian.Adrian has many good results on shows.BOB at the SKK.And BIS places at the special club SVTK.

In 2008 came a bitch into the kennel from kennel Örnberget with name Örnberget Zabina.She was wounderful from the first beginning and she is the friend with my male and they do all things together.They sleep together and so one.I go with Zabina on shows.She is BIS.puppy.She is BOB at the SKK and BIG placis.She is to day SEU(V)CH SE(V)CH Örnberget Zabina.She have also the bloodtracking.

The kennel of to day have 2.dachshounds so is mental psychic and physical sound and well and with good results on shows and bloodtracking.