About me

I grow up in Norway with animals on a farm.Först with cows and calfs,and since we had sheeps.Many sheeps so most we have 150 sheeps in the stable.

I get early to learn me work at farm and in the house with housework because I have 6.younger sisters.We are seven together,so it was enough to do.

On summer time when I had free from school,I must help my parents on farm and it was much heavy farmworks on this time.I must also see after my yonger sisters and do housework.

When we had sheeps,we had also a dog on the farm of breed border collie.We use the dog in the mountain graze for to compile the sheep in gardens.That is a sport for this breed of dog.

When I was finished at school I must get out and have my own money.I worked at the factory in Norway does mans clothes and döffelcoats.I go one year at school and then I go to the hotel/resturang work.I work in the hotel someone years and so I go to sea and work on the Norwegan crusie Lines.Hurtigruten for seven years.And then was enough was enough with the sealife so I work on the oilterminal  on my homeplace.

When its begin to be bad with jobs in Norway at the end of the eightys numbers.So I and my husband moved into Sweden.We get work both of us,and moved to Trelleborg.We work and live there for three years and then we move to Dals-Ed when the car industry and the factory goes for full in the nighty numbers.We moved into Bengtsfors at the early of nightys numbers and worked in the car industry to the end.

I worked a little bit in the hotel/restaurant and then I came into the care.I go into the school on older days and now i`am a undernurse.